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The Culture Jumpstart Toolkit

Your do-it-yourself guide to meaningful work, leadership,
and profitable growth through culture change.

Cover Image with ShadowMaking culture simple, accessible and practical for the team leader or small biz owner.

Culture Jump-Start empowers emergent leaders with tools and habits to create lasting culture change in their workplaces. We all deserve to feel inspired, purposeful, and energized by the place where we spend one third (or more!) of our lives. We show you precisely HOW and WHAT actions make culture an enabler of business growth, through aligned performance and productivity.

Why the Culture Jumpstart Toolkit?

51% of the workforce is not engaged; 17.5% of the workforce is actively disengaged [Source: Gallup]

This means culture change is not just some soft-skill that’s nice to have. These numbers represent a wellspring of untapped resources in the workforce. We want to help the number of engaged employees continue to climb by extending our proven methods and practices to the hands of a new generation of leaders in the workforce. We want to provide remedies for the too-common problem of change management programs that fail to address underlying cultural issues, leading to the 75% failure rates of change:

  • Egos are getting in the way of collaboration
  • Poor communication wastes time and energy
  • Micromanagement removes empowerment
  • Stale dinosaur cultures
  • Individuals aren’t being seen for their strengths
  • Teams are segmented by remote work
  • Companies are growing too fast without adapting to the marketplace
  • Employees are experiencing stagnation and loss of inspiration
  • Widening generation gap
  • Change efforts don’t sustain (or are met with resistance)
  • Good cultures washed away by rapid growth and new hires

“Seventy-five percent of Millennials believe businesses are too fixated on their own agendas and not focused enough on helping to improve society.” [Source: Deloitte]

If you want to get the best out of your people, or the best out of your workplace, culture is an economical imperative. Workforces that practice this way of working get more done, make more money, and keep people happy. Our goal is to put these principles and practices of creating a great workplace into the hands of capable, energized, and motivated individuals. The Culture Jumpstart Toolkit was designed to make culture change accessible to any individual and size organization.

Culture Jumpstart Toolkit is for:


Start-ups and nonprofits in the normalization phase


Entrepreneurs ready for the next level of growth


Intrapraneurs making change efforts from within


Team leaders within fast-growing organizations


Anyone ready to impact change in their workplace

Are you ready?

Jumpstart your Culture today!

Culture Jumpstart Toolkit



The Culture Jumpstart Toolkit is an electronic, user-friendly 78-page PDF guidebook with how-to pages (including detailed explanations and examples) outlining our proven 5 culture building habits to jumpstart any workplace.

If something isn’t working: deal with it, leave, or change it!

Benefits of the Culture Jumpstart Toolkit:

  • Enjoy your workplace, daily
  • Reach new levels in your leadership
  • Get along with your colleagues
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Eliminate unnecessary stress
  • Generate meaningful work at the grassroots level
  • Learn skills from seasoned culture pros
  • Make strategic changes to make more money
  • Shine brighter and bring your best self to work



  • Overview of Culture Toolkit, How to Use This Toolkit
  • Why Culture Building Is So Important In Business Today
  • The modern workplace and the rate of change
  • How to Lead Culture Building, Cliff Notes for Culture Building
  • Why change is all about habits and the 5 essential Habits to Cultivate
  • Self-Assessment worksheet

STAGE ONE: Clarity & Alignment | page 12 |

  • The Essential WHY
  • Vision, Mission, Strategy
  • Culture Manifesto & Your Values
  • Leadership Role in Culture Building
  • Tool: Manifesto Worksheet
  • Getting clear in your life and work

STAGE TWO: Communicate to Build Trust | page 39 |

  • Defining Trust
  • Stimulate Honest Conversations across the business, continuously
  • Navigating conflict
  • Coaching model for performance and building trust.
  • Honest Conversations Worksheet

STAGE THREE: Clear Decisions to Act | page 48 |

  • Good decision process
  • Empowerment
  • Clear decision rights
  • Decision-making pushed to lowest level
  • Acting with clarity and precision

HABIT FOUR: Collaboration | page 56 |

  • Create structure to foster collaboration across departments
  • How to encourage everyone to share their best
  • Foster cross-functional teamwork
  • Specific Actions for Building Trust

HABIT FIVE: Customer Focus | page 71 |

  • Gathering Feedback
  • Customer awareness in every action
  • Inside-Out Leadership
  • Customer Focus Reflections and Actions

CLOSING | page 77 |

  • Action Planning Worksheet
  • Final Advice


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