How to Give New Energy to Your Organization

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Organizations exist for a purpose, and that purpose is to give value within the context of the 3 P’s: Profit, People, or Planet. While your organization’s efforts in the world are to benefit these purposes in a unique way, it’s the people within your organization who hold the power of how well this gets accomplished. If your people are engaged, aligned, and passionate, it’s extremely likely that your workplace culture drives your success metrics. On the other hand, if your people are confused by not being in the loop, if there’s a gap in communication and purpose between leadership and employees, or interpersonal dynamics don’t engage your people, then it’s incredibly likely that your workplace is leaking energy and resources.

The missing link between these scenarios is culture. Hard to define, your people unconsciously know whether your organization has it or not. Healthy workplace culture generates that feeling that people have when they look forward to going into work every day; stale workplace culture generates that feeling people have when they look forward to getting away from work every day. While oftentimes culture can seem like a gray area, all workplaces can benefit from culture initiatives of any size or scale.

The irony is that the organizations that can afford whole-change initiatives are often the ones who don’t know they need it, and those that are interested are often the ones who can’t afford it. Entrepreneurs, small start-ups, and nonprofits, are within this camp. While our work has historically been offered to large fortune 50 companies, we’ve created a new project to get these tools into the hands of the small startups and companies that are creating amazing work initiatives in the world.

We believe that companies who hold these gray areas, who are interested in the triple bottom line, and who regard their inner landscape as important as their outer work, are going to change the world. We want to give new energy to these organizations by sharing our tools and tips for getting aligned and creating a lovable workplace culture that brings out the best in employees and the potential of a company.

Get started today with our do-it-yourself Changemaker’s Guide.

Lisa Rome

Lisa Rome

Lisa Rome has participated in organizations at the leading edge of change, aligning herself with values that support a healthy future for individuals, communities, and the planet. Lisa studied transformational leadership in a masters program at Naropa University. Contact Lisa > >