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There are times when you meet an influential person in your life, and you know that you have important work to do together. Meeting Lisa Jackson (LJ) was like that for me. In my last year of graduate school, a friend of mine had introduced me to LJ’s new book, Transforming Corporate Culture: 9 Natural Truths for Being Fit to Compete. It immediately sparked my interest, because I had come to my Master’s degree to learn just that: transforming the work world to support sustainable practices and futures. Lisa and I connected about our mutual interests over email, and that was that: I went on my way to finish my studies (focusing on group dynamics and how they can impact the intersection between wellness and sustainability), and LJ continued her work in corporate culture.

Fast forward to the spring of 2015, when LJ expressed to my friend about her readiness for a new partnership, and I was looking to add a new project to my consulting roster. We connected over the phone, and immediately recognized how aligned, connected, and energized we already were to work together. Both working in corporate culture change, both interested in applying it to small businesses and sustainability, both looking for a business partner to move forward with.

Within one meeting in Golden, Colorado (halfway between our respective homes in Denver and Boulder), we were off to the races preparing our Culture Jump-Start Toolkit for publication. Lisa and her collaborative partner Gerry had originally created this tool for their corporate clients, and LJ wanted to share it with a fresh, active, visionary, and vibrant audience. I wanted to work with my generation on culture change and entrepreneurship, so we re-imagined the content so that emerging leaders could utilize the toolkit to develop a high-performing culture in their world-changing work. We do this by arming entrepreneurial leaders with practical tools and knowledge that retains great people and delivers profitable growth. Our mission is to empower emerging leaders to change the world.

We invite you to explore our website and toolkit, and we would love if you shared your organizations’ origin story in the comments below!

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Lisa Rome

Lisa Rome

Lisa Rome has participated in organizations at the leading edge of change, aligning herself with values that support a healthy future for individuals, communities, and the planet. Lisa studied transformational leadership in a masters program at Naropa University. Contact Lisa > >