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Empowering Emerging Leaders to Change the World

The world is shifting, and young leaders know this better than anyone.

We’re not interested in working for stale legacy cultures; we want to re-create the work world for ourselves. We are ready to adapt to the changes, transform the work world, and lead for a brighter future. Culture is the most efficient way to unblock business barriers and release flow.

These are skills not taught in business school, but in our Culture Jumpstart Toolkit. Our materials will help you shift the workplace from unengaged to unleashed business potential. This simple, do-it-yourself toolkit will teach the ins and outs of leading organizational change.

Speaking of Culture

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Nothing in nature resists change.

Is your culture building resistance or a smooth path to change?

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Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson has led culture change initiatives with fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. She has written two books about culture change, and is an expert about why culture matters (hint: it’s the difference between your company’s future vision and present organizational realities).

Lisa Rome

Lisa Rome

Lisa Rome has participated in organizations at the leading edge of change, aligning herself with values that support a healthy future for individuals, communities, and the planet. Lisa earned her Master’s degree in transformational leadership from Naropa University.  She is currently offering Culture Coaching Sessions, inquire below!

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Culture Jumpstart Manifesto


                Every being is respected as essential

          Diversity is healthful

All beings relate in a conscious balance of power

       Earth is alive and abundant ; Life is Sacred

   Transformation is natural, and embraced

Let's do this.

Let’s do this.


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